The Spirit of Giving

Celebrated after Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping days, #GivingTuesday is global day dedicated to giving back, enabling any individual to donate to their organization of choice.

Ochsner Remembers: The Story of the Katrina Lapel Pin

Over the past decade, many symbols have come to represent the post-Katrina recovery era: waterlines etched on buildings, blue tarps, a roofless Superdome. For Ochsner, there is one image that stands out above the rest – the Katrina tattoo.

Nurses Rock! Nurse Rebecca’s Story

This week, we join together with the American Nursing Association and hospitals all across the country to celebrate National Nurses Week, which concludes on May 12, the birthday of Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing.

Why Giving Back Can Feel Good

Every day around our city and country, countless volunteers selflessly give their resources, time and talent to serve others. Many of these volunteers choose to give their time by assisting with multiple efforts at various non-profit area organizations.

Telemedicine Program Treats Stroke Victims when Time is Crucial

Programs such as Ochsner’s ASSERT telemedicine program can be valuable to patients who find themselves experiencing a stroke. Stroke neurologists are present virtually through secure wireless data and video communication 24/7. Ochsner’s stroke team evaluates patients, diagnoses, directs care and ensures that timely thrombolytic therapy is administered.

What I Would Say to My Organ Donor’s Family

Transplant patient Marie DeLarge shares in her own words what she would say to her donor's family and how the quality of her life has been the best it has been in decades.