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Nunez Tammy

Tammy Nunez

Director Ochsner Fitness Center

Ochsner Fitness Center

Tammy Nunez is a Director at Ochsner Fitness Center, where she oversees sales and marketing. Prior to joining Ochsner Health, Nunez served as the Fitness Director at Franco's Athletic Club. In addition to her duties on the business side, she teaches group exercise classes and has been a personal trainer.

Posts By This Author

Group Exercise Classes: A Great Motivator

I’m blessed now to be a part of a group exercise community at Ochsner Fitness Center. I teach some classes. I take other classes. I’ve connected with people in the classes who are on the same path. Some are further ahead than others, but we’re all working to the same healthy end.

The Benefits of Pilates

Pilates “increases the strength of stabilizer muscles, strengths your core like no other exercise, prevents future injuries and helps you become more efficient with your body,” Ochsner Fitness Center Pilates instructor Donna Reuter said.