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How We’re Changing Healthcare – One Patient at a Time

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A healthy Louisiana starts with a healthy you, and Ochsner wants to help you be your healthiest, best self.

Why? It’s part of a systematic shift from sick care to healthcare, and we can trace the mindset to vision: Inspiring Healthier Lives and Stronger Communities. As a healthcare organization, we’ve always focused on saving and changing lives. But now, we’re more broadly defining “changing and saving lives” to include not only those who are sick, but also those who are well.

At Ochsner, we’re committed to helping make Louisiana healthier by focusing on wellness to help prevent you from getting sick. Here are a few ways we’re doing that.

Why is Ochsner prioritizing preventive care?

Getting preventive care reduces the risk of diseases. It can catch and prevent health problems before they become serious, and it can reduce emergency room visits. Healthcare is continuing to become unaffordable; it costs less to stay well! We are committed to wellness, and we want to be more proactive by focusing on prevention in order to build healthier communities. We’re not just helping sick people get better, we’re helping well people live longer.

What is wellness?

There are so many aspects of wellness, whether it is physical, mental, emotional or even financial. One thing is certain, wellness is an active state of self-improvement and focus, and is something you must constantly strive to get better at. We realize that it isn’t easy, and that’s why we want to make sure you have the tools you need to help you along the way.

Our network of primary care doctors provide the educational resources, products and services needed for you to play a more active role in your health and wellness journey. Whatever your wellness need is, we’ve got you covered and are here to support and encourage you.

So what’s the first step?

The first step is to select a few wellness areas that you would like to focus on. For example, is your goal to eat healthier, be fit, lose weight, or just be well in general? Your doctor will help you explore and discover solutions to all of these and more. Before your visit, be sure write down any questions you have, so that you and your doctor can review together during the appointment.

What health and wellness services does Ochsner offer?

  • Looking to maintain a healthy diet? Our primary care doctors can make sure you are putting the right things into your body. They can meet with you to set goals, make meal plans and more.

    Our bariatric surgery and medical weight loss team can also help you explore both surgical and non-surgical approaches to weight loss.

    We also have our Eat Fit program, which aims to empower our communities with the information needed to make healthy decisions — whether it’s in the grocery store, at your favorite restaurant or even at local festivals. If you see that Eat Fit seal, you don’t have to worry about if it’s good for you or not — we’re guaranteeing your selection meets our nutritional requirements.

  • Perhaps you are interested in preventative programs? Our smoking cessation and diabetes education programs offers you the opportunity to take control of your healthcare journey along with your primary care doctor, who truly serves as the quarterback for your health. These programs provide patients with a variety of support all designed to help you reach your goals, improving health and overall wellbeing.

  • Looking to be more present in the moment and practice mindfulness? We have a team of health coaches, mental coaches and virtual mindfulness sessions available online to support you.

  • Still not sure what you are looking for?Ask your primary care doctor about a simple health screening. They can help you decide which are most important based on your health history. And you’ll have a single medical record, giving all Ochsner providers access to the same test results to avoid unnecessary repeats. Schedule an appointment today.

How can you play a more active role in your own health?

Part of playing an active role is simply knowing how to do that. At Ochsner, we’ve got all the right team members — health coaches, dietitians, exercise physiologists, you name it! How can you use these resources not only when you’re sick but also when you’re well? How do we shift those dynamics to really make Louisiana a healthier state?

We’re Louisiana’s largest healthcare provider. With that comes a responsibility to help our state and our communities live healthier lives. We want to be a partner to the community and help you along your health and wellness journey. A lot of it is about providing the right education, tools, services and products so you are empowered to play an active role in your health. So, remember, a Healthy Louisiana starts with a Healthy You. Take the first step and talk with your primary care doctor. 

A healthier you starts here. Take the first step and talk with a primary care doctor today.

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