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Which Fitness Tracker Should I Buy?

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Are you unsure of which fitness tracker fits your life style? I know it’s kind of hard when there are so many to choose from. Getting your health on track can be challenging, but these fitness trackers are here to assist you in so many ways. These watches were designed to help you achieve a cool style while crushing your fitness goals. Let’s find which on best suits you.

Popular trackers

The Fitbit Versa is in demand due to its amazing look, and it is Android- and iPhone- compatible. If you are going for a swim or taking a Zumba class, it will pick up your strides and calories burned in the pool and your steps and active workout time while dancing off the calories. 

You can store up to 200 songs and receive and respond to texts directly off your smart watch. Wear your watch while you sleep in order to view your sleep trends the next morning. Women can also use the cycle feature to monitor their next menstrual period.

Fitbit Charge 3 is similar in design when it comes to the Versa. The difference is the display is slimmer for those who prefer a smaller screen. It is also waterproof, and you will only need to take it off to charge. Your texts and calls will make this convenient when working out, so you never miss a beat. You are able to track your heart rate and calories.

Fitbit Alta HR has an even slimmer display compared to the others. This tracker still manages your steps, calories burned and sleep, and you still receive updates on texts and calls. It also tracks your heart rate. This tracker is not water-resistant.

Fitbit Charge 2 set goals, stay on track and celebrates milestones. Stay connected wirelessly. This tracker is not waterproof, but still has many of the features you are looking for. It understands your sleep, including light, deep and REM sleep changes. 

If you love your tracker but hate the band that came with it you can order more bands at www.fitbit.comor for more options.

You can customize your watch's clock face, track steps, distance calories, floors climbed, active minutes and reminders to move. Maximize your workout capability to monitor your run, cycling weights and other modes. Stay connected by getting calendar alerts, call and text notifications and current time and date. Connect and compete with friends via the Fitbit app.

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