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What Is Ideal Protein?

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The Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method is a 4-phase protocol that burns fat while supporting muscle and other lean tissue. In addition to losing weight, you also receive the knowledge to keep lost pounds off after dieting via one-on-one weekly coaching. After completing all 4 phases of the ideal protein diet, you will have learned:

  • How calories are burned
  • What calorie consumption means
  • Which foods are best suited to stable weight management
  • When, why and in what combination to eat carbohydrates, fats and proteins
  • What impact certain foods have on your body
  • And much more

Can Anyone Participate?

Yes, but some health conditions may require consent from a healthcare provider. Participants are asked to complete a health profile prior to their first appointment.

The Method

Ideal Protein is a weight loss method that offers a structured plan that can put an end to constant dieting. The medically-developed protocol is a short-term plan with a beginning, middle and an end. You receive one-on-one coaching for motivation and education, ensuring you receive the knowledge to confidently make smarter eating choices after dieting. It’s this dedication to helping you achieve your weight loss goals that can help you achieve your dieting goals and bring out your inner confidence to maintain a stable weight.

  • Phases 1 & 2 focus on weight loss, until 100% of your goal is met
  • Phases 3 & 4 concentrate on increasing your knowledge of better lifestyle choices and smarter eating habits so you are better able to sustain a stable, balanced weight after dieting

After the Ideal Protein program, you’ll have learned how to enjoy the foods you love without the guilt.

What Makes Ideal Protein Effective?

In order to maximize your chances for ongoing balanced weight management, the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method emphasizes not just sensible weight loss, but also the education needed to sustain your new body weight.

Once your body is ready to take the next step to better well-being, it’s up to you to maintain that focus – but you won’t be alone. As an Ideal Protein dieter, your weight loss is carefully supervised by your personal weight loss coach.

This one-on-one guidance empowers you with the knowledge and essential nutritional education you need to make lifestyle changes that will support your better overall well-being. Anyone can lose weight; learning to make smarter eating choices so you can maintain a stable weight after dieting should be the ultimate goal.

For more information or to schedule a consultation in Covington, Mandeville or Slidell, call 985-898-7255 for Ochsner or 985-892-3766 for St. Tammany Parish Hospital.


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