Surviving College: Health Tips

  • Surviving College

    Surviving College

  • Take Vitamins

    Take Vitamins

    Sometimes your diet just doesn’t cut it so don’t stray from supplements and multivitamins.
  • Put A Limit On Your Drinking

    Put A Limit On Your Drinking

    Yes, you’re in college which means you’re just about ready for the night life and all the parties, but here’s a tip: relax on the binge drinking. You’ll avoid the calories and a terrible hangover in the morning.
  • Ease Up On The Junk Food

    Ease Up On The Junk Food

    If you know you're a person who likes to snack, don’t stock your dorm with junk! Substitute those chips for some nuts, fruits, or veggies.
  • Ride Your Bike / Take a Walk

    Ride Your Bike / Take a Walk

    If you live on campus or a reasonable distance away from your school, take a short walk or ride that bike that you bought two summers ago and said you were going to use more often.
  • Take Advantage Of Your College Facilities

    Take Advantage Of Your College Facilities

    Almost every college and university campus has some sort of recreational facility whether it be a gym, a court of some sort, and/or a pool. USE THEM AS MUCH AS YOU CAN!
  • Exercise: Find A Buddy

    Exercise: Find A Buddy

    Trust us: there are people at your school that want to stay healthy just like you! Don’t be afraid to make some gym friends and workout buddies and keep a workout log.
  • Never Work / Study In Bed

    Never Work / Study In Bed

    Yes it is convenient and quite frankly, it’s comfortable, but it’s not a real good decision. Learn how to separate your work space from your rest space.
  • Sleep: Keep A Schedule

    Sleep: Keep A Schedule

    Set a certain time to go to sleep every night and a certain time to wake up every morning. Sticking to similar sleep patterns throughout your time in college can greatly lessen your chances of being sleep deprived.
  • Avoid All-Nighters

    Avoid All-Nighters

    You might get the grade but your health will suffer. Lack of sleep can actually impair your learning abilities.
  • Use Protection

    Use Protection

    To prevent the risk of a sexually transmitted disease, play it safe and use a condom, unless your partner AND yourself have been tested negative for an STD.
  • Get Regular Checkups

    Get Regular Checkups

    Both males and females should get checked regularly. Many campus health center offer sexual & reproductive health services including contraception and screenings.
  • Don't Do Anything You're Not Comfortable With

    Don't Do Anything You're Not Comfortable With

    With instances of rape and sexual assault occurring college, be true to yourself and say no if you are in an uncomfortable situation. If something happens that you are not comfortable with, let a responsible adult or trusted friend as soon as possible.
  • Give Yourself Breaks

    Give Yourself Breaks

    Reduce your stress while studying and give your brain time to rest.
  • Be Realistic With Goals

    Be Realistic With Goals

    Setting unreasonable goals will only make it harder on you, especially during midterms and finals. Understand that some things just cannot be done in a day, and come up with a study plan in advance that's manageable.
  • Know The Signs of Depression & How To Ask For Help

    Know The Signs of Depression & How To Ask For Help

    Learning the difference between a bad day and depression can help a great bit. Once you can decipher which is which, then you can seek the help you need.

Now that you've made it to the top of the food chain in high school, it's time to prepare for the next big step: college. Whether you've been accepted into your dream school or have just sent out your first application, now is also an important time to think about your health.