Sports Massage 101

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Sports massage originated for athletes to warm up and perform better during their competitive event as well as recover after their event. Many people now add maintenance and performance sports massages for when they are training.

Even if you aren’t a professional athlete or are even just getting started in a particular sport or athletic activity, sports massage is an effective conditioning element to help reach those personal health and fitness goals.

1) What makes sports massage different from a regular massage?

What makes sports massage different is that generally most massages are for wellness and distressing; many people even fall asleep from relaxation. There is a lot more communication and conversation during a sports massage especially when someone is in training. The client needs to communicate where the restriction is and if the technique that is being used is helping the muscle to release.

The focus during a sports massage is not only about relaxing and feeling better but also helping the body to recover and perform at maximum potential.

2) What should a first-timer expect - will it hurt?

A first-timer should expect to continue to communicate with their therapist where the soreness is and what hurts depending on which way they move, and if the technique that the therapist is using is working to relieve the tightness or the soreness.

Sometimes clients experience what we call the “feel good hurt” where it feels good for the therapist to work on the tissue that is sore.

3) Who can get a sports massage -is it for everyone?

Absolutely it is for everyone! Sports massage is for anyone that is in training, whether they are trying to swim, weight lift, dance, play golf or tennis. Clients can come in because there is a certain pose in yoga or movement in Pilates that they're trying to achieve to help their bodies release the restriction that is inhibiting them from movement.

It doesn’t matter what age or skill level the client is at, if they are still competing and training then it is still necessary to maintain their bodies so that they can perform at their best.

4) How often should you get a sports massage?

The harder one trains, the more they may need sports massage so really as often as needed. Many times as an event or competition draws closer, clients may increase the frequency and even the length of the massage.

5) How will sports massage benefit overall health and wellness?

Prevention of injury is the key to success in winning and achieving personal health and fitness goals.Everyone needs to nourish their bodies so that they have the energy to move, get good sleep and rest to be alert, and train to excel.

Whether it's crossing the finish line, beating a personal best in a race, being able to strike that pose in yoga, or executing a correct movement in dance, receiving massage and sports massage will help you to maintain a healthy body and healthy bodies can accomplish goals!

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