New Year, New You: Sticking to that Resolution

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Gym’s around the country are about to experience what I like to call “The Rush.” Most people have eaten way too much over the past few weeks during holiday parties and have now made a New Year’s resolution to get back in shape. The sad reality is this “Rush” is only going to last a couple of weeks because most of these resolutions lack a good foundation. Here are a couple of tips that may help you stay true to your resolution.

You need to have a set program

“A goal without a plan is just a wish!” Having an exercise program to follow is a crucial component in achieving your fitness goal. You can find a program online to try and follow on your own, but in my opinion it is more beneficial to hire a personal trainer. A trainer can tailor a program to fit your specific needs and keep track of your progress.

Hold yourself accountable

Many people start off great, hitting the gym hard for a couple of weeks, but start to get discouraged when results aren’t coming quick enough. You have to become your biggest critic when it comes to reaching your fitness goal. Hold yourself accountable: don’t skip days at the gym, don’t skip sets, don’t skip reps, etc. You have to hold yourself to the highest standard and not except anything less than your best effort. If you adopt this attitude, success is eminent.

Don’t let food mess up your progress

Food is something that is very important here in South Louisiana and it can be one of the reasons you don’t reach your goal. Of course you have to eat, and eat plenty, to stay healthy and build muscle, but what you eat that really matters. This is normally the hardest thing to change because we are creatures of habit and our diet is usually one of our biggest (and worst) habits. You have to be strict with your diet and find the will power to say no to things that will mess up your success.

Make this a lifestyle change

At the end of the day this resolution has to become your life. If you are really going to change it has to become habits that you hold onto for the rest of your life!

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