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How To Navigate Your Health Journey

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In this Q&A video, Mark Berger, local health and fitness entrepreneur, philanthropist and Ochsner Influencer, interviews Ochsner Eat Fit Dietitians, Molly Kimball and Maria Sylvester Terry, on what Eat Fit does, diet culture and general info on how to navigate your nutrition.

We know navigating your health journey can be hard, especially in the day of social media, where we are constantly seeing what works for others. But Molly and Maria stress that each person has an individual journey. Our Eat Fit team and Ochsner Registered Dietitians can work with you to figure out what is the best path for you.

Meet Mark Berger:

Mark Berger has been heavily involved in health and philanthropy in New Orleans, Louisiana, for the past 11 years. Mark consults with clients on yoga, fitness, corporate wellness, nutrition, sports-specific training and life coaching through his company, Berger Fitness & Yoga.

He has competed in 100+ endurance events, has been around the world to teach and study yoga, and got to mix fitness and bounce music with Big Freedia in front of thousands of people around the country. He works with all levels of people, from collegiate and professional athletes to seniors, kids, and the average Joe/Jane. He now devotes his time outside of fitness to helping businesses become more efficient by making their employees healthier and reducing their health insurance premiums. Follow Mark on his health journey through his Instagram.

Meet Registered Dietitian Molly Kimball:

Molly Kimball is a registered dietitian and nutrition journalist with a passion to make it easy for people to live their strongest, healthiest lives. As a lifestyle dietitian and founder of Ochsner’s Eat Fit nonprofit restaurant initiative, Molly has managed the nutrition program at Ochsner Fitness Center in New Orleans for over 20 years, working with thousands of clients, ranging from people like you and me to professional athletes. Through it all, she learned what drives us and motivates us, what works and what doesn’t, and what derails even our best intentions. Having the ability to dial into these behaviors and challenges has fueled and inspired Molly’s entire professional career.

Meet Registered Dietitian Maria Sylvester Terry:

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Maria Sylvester Terry is the dietitian behind the operations, marketing and programming for Eat Fit NOLA as well as the social media strategy for all of Ochsner Eat Fit. Dietetics is her second career, and she weaves in her first career [English teacher] throughout her work for Eat Fit, educating her partners and the community in thoughtful, creative ways. She’s a passionate and intentional writer, public speaker and content creator. She earned her BA in English and Secondary Education from Mount St. Mary’s University in Emmitsburg, Maryland and her Master of Science Degree in Human Nutrition from Drexel University in Philadelphia.

Learn more about Ochsner Eat Fit:

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