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Holiday Safety Tips for Kids

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As parents, we always want our young children to be safe. When it comes to toys and other holiday-related items, there are some things that parents can do to make sure their child’s holiday is safe and enjoyable.

Toy Safety

Children of all ages love toys. Unfortunately, small objects in toys are common choking hazards for children. Keep these safety pointers in mind when buying toys for kids.

  • Pay attention to toy age labels. It is important to only get toys that are meant for your child’s age group. Make sure to pay attention to age labels on toy packaging.
  • For small children, there are a lot of small parts in toys that can often be accidentally swallowed or put in their ears or nose.
  • For more information on toy safety for children during the holidays, click here.

What can you do if you think your child may be in trouble?

  • If your child looks okay and they're doing fine, ask your pediatrician for advice on the incident and how to practice child safety.
  • However, if your kid has symptoms like stomach pain, vomiting or if they look like they really don't feel well, go to the emergency room immediately.

If you are receiving gifts from others, make sure to check the toy labels before allowing your child to play with these toys. Also, always keep an eye on your children during playtime.


We all love Christmas decorations, and children love them even more! However, it is extremely important to make sure your holiday decorations are safe for toddlers, babies and other small children. Children are naturally curious, and they like to touch things and put them in their mouths, noses and ears. Here are a few tips:

  • Secure Christmas ornaments. If you use them, put these at the top of your Christmas tree so they are out of reach. Make sure the ornaments are secure on the tree branches. Avoid decorations made of glass, as those can shatter and cut your child!
  • Consider ornaments that jingle and jangle – like bells! That way, you will be alerted when your child is playing with the item.
  • Create a blockade around your tree. One creative idea is to wrap big empty boxes and put them around the tree as a barrier.
  • If you use edible candy canes in your decorations, keep them out of reach of small children who could choke on the plastic or the candy.
  • Don’t use anything that is falling apart. Christmas decorations that are deteriorating in quality could possibly injure children.
  • Children like to climb and pull on things. Make sure heavy objects in your home, including your Christmas tree, is properly secured. If you use bricks or other heavy objects to weigh down your tree’s base, consider decorating it with wrapping paper so it will blend in with your décor!
  • Also, remember to keep medications and chemicals out of reach of children.

Keep these tips in mind to ensure that everyone is happy and safe this holiday season.

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