Healthy Peppermint and Chocolate Holiday Treats

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It can be tough to resist the call of sweet treats, especially during the holiday season. If you're trying to keep things in check, nutritionally speaking, pick up one of these good-for-you peppermint flavored finds to satisfy that craving.

As a bonus tip, add a burst of peppermint flavor without packing in the sugar by using a few drops of real peppermint oil in teas, hot chocolate or your other favorite foods. Not only can it help to improve digestion, even just the aroma of peppermint has been shown to improve cognition, attention span, and alertness. You can also check out the full list of picks on’s original article here.

Cool Brew Peppermint Mocha

Hands down my top pick for creating a legitimately good-for-you Peppermint Mocha Latte - it's so versatile. With only four calories and 1 gram of carbs and sugar per serving, this concentrated cold-filtered coffee has a simple ingredient list of water, coffee, chicory, natural chocolate and natural mint flavoring.

As with any variety of Cool Brew, simply add 1 ounce of coffee concentrate to 8-9 ounces of hot or cold water and/or milk. You can opt for regular cow's milk, or go lower-carb (and vegan) with unsweetened coconut milk or unsweetened almond milk. If you love it, stock up, since this seasonal flavor is only available through Jan. 31.

Califia Farms Peppermint Mocha Cold Brew

This dairy-free ready-to-drink Peppermint Mocha has just 80 calories per cup, with 12 grams of carbohydrate and 10 grams of sugar.

It has minimal protein, so pair it with a source of protein if it's going to serve as a breakfast or snack. Think almond butter on whole grain toast, an egg or two, or a low-sugar protein bar if you're on the go.

Republic of Tea Peppermint Chocolate Tea

A naturally caffeine-free blend of antioxidant-rich red tea, carob, cocoa kernels, and peppermint leaves, this is a creamy, rich chocolate tea with a cool peppermint finish. Sip it hot or chilled, plain or with a splash of milk or milk alternative. Zero calories, zero carbs, and zero sugar equal zero guilt!

Amazing Grass Chocolate Peppermint Green SuperFood

Powdered greens may not be what you have in mind when you think "peppermint chocolate," but trust me, this Chocolate Peppermint Green SuperFood doesn't taste like it looks. It's a potent blend of phytonutrients-packed greens, fruits and vegetables, digestive enzymes and probiotics, with the addition of organic cocoa, peppermint, and stevia. The result: a sweet, slightly chocolate-y and peppermint-y power-packed superfood with a tasty holiday spin.

thinkThin Dark Chocolate Peppermint Protein & Fiber Bars

Each decadently sweet 150-calorie bar has 10 grams of protein - about what you get in 1-1/2, or 1-1/2 ounces of chicken breast - and just 5 grams of sugar. No artificial sweeteners or sugar alcohols, and they're gluten-free and nut-free. The only negative is that this flavor is a limited edition, only available during the holiday season.

Quest Mint Chocolate Chunk Protein Bars

Available year-round, these 190-calorie mint chocolate bars pack in 20 grams of protein, with just 4 grams of net carbs, and less than 1 gram of sugar. Tip: Heat your Quest bar for a completely different type of snack. Simply microwave for 8- 10 seconds, or heat in the oven at 350 degrees for a minute or two. The result: Ooey gooey peppermint chocolate guilt-free goodness.

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