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Table full of holiday food

7 Healthy and Delicious Holiday Food Swaps

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Aside from being the season of giving, the holidays also tend to be the season of eating. And while we’re all for enjoying your favorite seasonal traditions, here are a few swap-ups to up your game nutritionally as you toast another happy – and healthy – holiday season and New Year!

Instead of this: Eggnog, 1 cup (24 grams added sugar)
Choose this:
 Bolthouse Farms Holiday Nog, 1 cup (9 grams added sugar)

Instead of this: Mini quiche or finger sandwiches
Choose this: Shrimp cocktail

Instead of this: Cheese, cured meats and crackers
Choose this: Grilled veggies Greek yogurt ranch dip

Instead of this: Macaroni and cheese
Choose this: Creamed spinach made with Greek yogurt (GF)

Instead of this: Sweet potato casserole
Choose this: Baked sweet potato with a drizzle of light olive oil and sprinkle of cinnamon

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