7 Healthy Holiday Food Swaps

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Aside from the holidays being the season of giving, it also tends to be the season of eating, especially with all the holiday parties and potlucks taking place throughout December. With all the countless nutritional land mines that one may encounter, it can be easy to fall into a dietary disaster.

So what’s one to do if they’re trying to watch their calories over the holidays?

To help you plan for your holiday party or dinner, below are some ideas for healthy holiday swaps that can work as a substitute for some of your favorite holiday sides or desserts. That way, when you raise a glass with friends next time at your get-together, you’ll be toasting another happy – and healthy – holiday season and New Year!

  1. Choose This: Wine, 5 ounces (120 calories)
    Instead of This: Eggnog, 1 cup (400 calories)
    Calories Saved: 280
  2. Choose This: Shrimp cocktail, ½ cup (112 calories)
    Instead of This: Candied pecans, 1/2 cup (500 calories)
    Calories Saved: 388
  3. Choose This: Grilled veggies (1 cup) with 4 tbsp Greek yogurt Ranch dip (80 calories)
    Instead of This: Cheese (one ounce) and crackers (one serving) (230 calories)
    Calories Saved: 150
  4. Choose This: Green bean casserole (made with low fat cream of mushroom soup), 1 cup
    (116 calories)
    Instead of This: Homemade macaroni & cheese, 1 cup (450 calories)
    Calories Saved: 334
  5. Choose This: Baked sweet potato, small (103 calories)
    Instead of This: Sweet potato casserole (267 calories)
    Calories Saved: 164
  6. Choose This: Dinner roll with butter (130 calories)
    Instead of This: Oyster dressing, one cup (330 calories)
    Calories Saved: 200
  7. Choose This: Pumpkin pie, one slice (323 calories)
    Instead of This: Pecan pie, 1 slice (541 calories)
    Calories Saved: 218

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