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5 Clear Signs Personal Training Is Right For You

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If you've been wondering if a personal trainer is right for you, here are some clear signs the answer is "yes.''

1. You are intimidated by the weight room and/or fitness programming

Do you ask questions such as, “Where do I start?" "What do I do?'' "How do I do it?" "Can I just be a cardio queen?" "How many days per week should I (insert exercise here)?" "Is it better to do cardio before or after strength training?" "What’s a foam roller?"

With so many sources contradicting each other, it’s easy to suffer analysis paralysis when it comes to your exercise program.

This is where that one-on-one time with an experienced trainer can help! Your trainer will filter all of this, offering only the best information to guide you toward your fitness goals.

2. Form/technique issues

    You have the basics down on a certain exercise but are often asking yourself “Am I doing this right?” A personal trainer can help with injury prevention, recovering from injury/chronic pain/new or recurring injury, and help you understand the importance of balance and flexibility/cross training. 

    Whether you’re new to exercise or not, safety should be a top priority! Especially if you’re avoiding exercises because they’re uncomfortable or painful. It’s recommended you see a qualified medical professional for injuries, but a trainer can perform certain tests to assure proper biomechanics. 

    Not to mention, correct exercise technique is more effective, which not only lowers risk of injury, but also increases the chance of attaining expected results. Additionally, for those suffering a new diagnosis and/or battling chronic health conditions (diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, etc.) a credible trainer will know how to monitor your progress and design a safe exercise program.

    3. Not exercising consistently

      How many excuses have you used to justify not exercising? It’s OK. No judgment here. We all get busy, and we all need motivation, me included. Speaking from experience, I always work harder when I have someone coaching me. 

      According to a recent study, “more than three-quarters of U.S. adults said that being in shape and looking good were "very important" to them.'' Despite those feelings, only 31 percent said they make exercise a regular habit. And 45 percent admitted they weren't active at all.

      So, what gives? Well, the study found that “body dissatisfaction is not the best motivator.” Guess what IS the best motivator? According to the same survey, approximately one third of participants said they were motivated through the help of others, i.e. fitness friends and/or personal trainers. Having a trainer will hold you accountable, provide encouragement, and much needed motivation necessary to reach your fitness goals!

      4. No gains

        A personal trainer can help you in taking meaningful measurements and assessments, as well as setting realistic goals that you can reach with effective workouts and programming. You may be asking yourself “Why am I not reaching my goals?” Speaking of goals, have you thought about yours? Do you want to run a marathon or maybe prepare for an extensive hike? Looking to improve in some specific sport? Are your goals SMART.? Learn more about SMART goals here.

        Whatever your goal, your trainer can help you decide and then design a program specific to your needs to get you there! 

        5. Need a challenge

          Do you ever get bored with your fitness routine? Have you hit a plateau? Fitness is an ongoing process, and a personal trainer will continuously challenge your abilities. As you improve we’ll adjust your program ensuring balance and variety through the nearly limitless combinations of exercises and equipment.

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