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Sara Artigues

Sara Artigues, RD, LDN

Sara Artigues, I work in the Multi Organ Transplant Clinic, primarily seeing patients who fall under the Liver Transplant or Lung Transplant area. I meet with patients before and during the evaluation process, as well as after they've had their transplant if there are any ongoing nutrition concerns. The patients I see vary in age from 18 to 70+. I hope that my guidance encourages them to thrive before transplant and continue to enjoy life after surgery. I love the collaborative nature & support of the departments and teams with which I work.

Nutrition is highly individual, our journey with it is not linear and evolves over time, and our overall health and quality of life can be improved at least in some part by a well-rounded diet and physical activity. Dietitians themselves are not perfect and we are not the "food police"! Most of us do this job because we want to help others.

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