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Why Men Need to Take Charge of Their Health

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Most men think they’re invincible when it comes to their health, and as a result many don’t pay attention to physical warning signs until something major hits the fan. I only wish men would pay as close attention to their health as they do to their car or boat, because way too often I see male patients who have ignored warning signs and symptoms that indicate something major is going on with their health.

What I stress most to my male patients is how important it is to get a yearly physical and to schedule their routine health screenings. Some men, especially those with a high body mass index, run a higher risk of having colon or prostate cancer. Men with a family history of diabetes, cardiovascular disease or obesity are also at risk. Both cancers are treatable if caught early, but you can’t catch it if you don’t have a regular exam.

That’s why attending health fairs in your area (like Ochsner's Men's Health Expo on June 15, 2019) can provide a valuable opportunity for learning new health information and resources, such as proper nutrition, exercise tips, etc.

In fact, through the last two expo events at Ochsner alone, significant health risks were identified in participants through screenings that may have gone undetected otherwise. Forty men were identified at elevated risk for prostate cancer, nine were found to have hearing issues, four had vision issues and three were recognized as needing wound care. The bottom line is that screenings work, so there’s no reason why anyone shouldn’t take advantage of free health fairs in their area.

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