What are The Sunday Scaries?

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Ah, the weekend. The blissful days for a much-needed break from everyday life and the opportunity to sleep in, socialize and re-group.

But come Sunday afternoon, many of us start experiencing a feeling of dread and unease often called the “Sunday Scaries.” AKA The Sunday Blues, The Fear, The Sunday Weirds, The Dread, The Pre-Monday Jitters - whatever you may call them - they’re there and they’re real.

“Sunday Scaries” is the acute anxiety that materializes on Sunday evenings with the impending doom of returning to reality of the structured work-week. The unavoidable transition from the weekend (and freedom) to the looming routine of the office or school can even create physical symptoms such as irritability, upset stomach, sleep disturbance and headaches.

Although the term is not scientific, it is a real thing. We’re all susceptible to it and according to global poll survey conducted by Monster.com, the Sunday Scaries is a legitimate feeling that affects up to 76 percent Americans.

So how do you lessen these pre-Monday jitters, and make your Sundays more enjoyable and less worry-free? Luckily, there are ways to cope. If you are someone who experiences the Sunday Scaries, you can try to:

  • Not over-do it. While we all need to let loose every now and then, take it easy on Saturday night. Don’t drink too much or stay up too late. Being hungover and exhausted is only going to lead to more anxiety and a less productive day.
  • Unplug. It can feel like we’re under constant pressure to constantly be doing—which can lead to feeling like you are never doing enough. The option to always being ‘plugged in’ when it comes to emails, social media, etc. can feel overwhelming. Make downtime a priority and time with the people who are important in your life—without your phone.
  • Get a head start so you don’t feel overwhelmed come Monday. Pull out the calendar and take 30 minutes to look over what your upcoming week has in store, and create a week that you will look forward to and feel accomplished about once it’s done. You can also consider planning something low-key and fun for Monday night to help get you through the first day back.
  • Take care of yourself. Your well-being is a huge factor to being confident, happy and productive, both at work and at home. Set some good habits in motion to start the week like a boss. If you usually sit in the office all day, try to get outside and be more active or exercise. If your day-to-day is more physically taxing, give yourself a break and try to relax over the weekend.
  • Relax. Enjoy a nice, long shower or luxe bath, curl up with a good book or watch that new Netflix documentary, and hit the sack early for a good night’s rest.

With the right approach, you can kick the Sunday Scaries and start enjoying your entire weekend—Sundays included.

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