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7 Popular Wearables to Help You Get Your Fitness on in 2024

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To create a plan for better health, you need dedication and persistence. But don’t discount the value of having the right tools to help you along.

As technology and innovation continue to advance, certain tools can help you track and compare your fitness goals. There are a number of good options in the form of wearable devices.

When using wearables, the health metrics provided are especially helpful for those managing high blood pressure or Type 2 diabetes. Metrics may include heart rate, sleep patterns, steps taken and calories burned. This contributes to the holistic approach that is so important when managing these two common conditions.

These intuitive devices also provide an easy solution to help keep you accountable, and maybe even more productive, through a little competition with your own results over time. This practice of personalized tracking can increase your motivation and reward you with a sense of accomplishment.

Here’s a brief list of some of the most popular wearable devices and their features for an active and mindful lifestyle:

Fitbit Devices*

Charge: Rechargeable, customizable wristband that’s integrated with Google. This device has GPS and monitors heart rate, total steps, mileage, calorie burn, sleep quality, and other features. This is a great watch for those who lead an active lifestyle and want to monitor their habits.

Inspire: Rechargeable, watch-style monitor with a screen displaying total steps, mileage, calorie burn, heart rate and sleep quality. This is a great basic watch for people who want to monitor how active they are or may be beginning an activity routine.

Versa: Rechargeable smartwatch with customizable wristband. It has all the capabilities of the other watches, but you can also get your phone notifications and use on-wrist Bluetooth calling when your phone is nearby.

*All Fitbit devices are water-resistant and can be used in the shower. Most can be submerged in up to 50m of water.

Garmin Devices*

Vivosmart: Rechargeable, slim wristband watch. This device tracks steps, heart rate, sleep quality, and energy levels. You can also get phone notifications. This device is great for beginners or people who just watch to monitor daily activity. They even have a kid’s version if you want to get the whole family involved in more movement!

Venu: Rechargeable, customizable wristwatch. This device tracks steps, heart rate, and sleep quality, has different workout activities and GPS, and can get phone notifications.

Forerunner: Rechargeable, customizable wristwatch. This device is geared towards runners but offers a lot of the same features the other watches do. The bonus features with this watch are training status and daily suggested running workouts.

*All Garmin devices are water resistant and can be used in the shower. Most can be submerged up to 50m of water.

Apple Watches

All Apple watch versions are generally similar. Rechargeable, customizable wristwatch. Only compatible with iPhones. This device tracks steps, activity minutes, heart rate and sleep. It also has the ability for Emergency SOS, Fall Detection, and Crash Detection.

This list isn’t a full list of tracking devices, just some of the more popular versions. If you’re in the market for a tracking device, I recommend researching different ones based on what you are looking for.

Digital tools and health coach support can help you take control of your high blood pressure or Type 2 diabetes. Learn more at Digital Medicine | Ochsner Health.

Note: Rachael is a health coach who is listing these brand-name products as a simple consumer guide; she does not solicit product samples, nor is she paid to recommend items.

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