Popular Wearables: What Are My Options?

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As technology and innovation continue to advance, there are a number of good options to help you track and compare your fitness goals, in the form of wearable devices.

These fairly intuitive devices provide an easy solution to help keep you accountable, and maybe even more productive, through a little competition with your own results over time. Here’s a brief list of some of the most popular wearable devices:

Fitbit Devices

Zip: Entry level, clip style monitor with LCD screen that tracks total steps, mileage, and calorie burn. This device uses a watch battery that lasts around 4 - 6 months.

One: Rechargeable, clip style monitor with OLED screen displaying total steps, mileage, calorie burn, flights of stairs climbed, and sleep quality. This device has a vibrating silent alarm to help you more gradually wake up in the mornings.

Flex: Rechargeable, highly customizable wristband with 5 LED lights to give general sense of goal achievement for the day. This device monitors total steps, mileage, calorie burn, and sleep quality, and it also has the silent alarm.

Newly Released Fitbit Devices

Charge: Rechargeable wristband with larger OLED screen displaying total steps, mileage, calorie burn, stairs climbed, and caller ID. It also analyzes sleep quality.

ChargeHR: Similar to Charge except it features a continuous heart rate monitor.

Surge: Largest screen with heart rate monitor as well as GPS tracking. This device allows you to see incoming text messages as well as control music on your phone.

*All Fitbit devices are water resistant and can be used in the shower, but not submerged in a pool.

Misfit Devices

Shine: Aluminum disc, that comes in a variety of colors, with 12 LEDs on the face displaying analog time and daily progress. It uses a watch battery and lasts about 4 - 6 months. An app displays steps, mileage, calorie burn, and monitors sleep. It is fully waterproof and highly customizable with necklaces and leather watch bands. There is also a newly released Swarovski crystal Shine and accessories.

Flash: Thicker, plastic disc (variety of colors again), with 12 LEDs on the face displaying time and progress. It is also fully waterproof. This is the cheaper alternative to the Shine, but still has all the great features.

Overall, the original Fitbits are the most popular, but the Shine steers more toward those who prefer more options, as well as being able to swim with the device. Regardless of the option you might choose, good luck and keep moving!

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