Top 5 Reasons to Visit a Farmers Market

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Farmers markets may have exploded in popularity in the last decade, but they have been in existence across the globe – in some shape or form – for thousands of years.

Modern farmers markets can found in the largest of cities and the smallest of towns. This universal appeal is not hard to explain; people not only love fresh produce, meat and cheese, they also care about connecting with the hardworking farmers and artisans that sell their wares. Below you will find our top five reasons to visit a farmer’s market.

 1. Fresh is Best

      Products sold at farmers markets are straight from the farm (as the name implies). In most instances, customers are purchasing items that were harvested or plucked from the field that very day.

      2. Produce That’s at Its Peak

        Farmers markets specialize in providing its customers with fruits and vegetables grown and harvested during their natural seasons, when produce is at its best and most affordable!

        3. So. Many. Options.

          Not looking for fruit or vegetables? Many farmers markets have a variety of options including meat, seafood, cheese, canned jams and jellies and baked goods. Some even have arts and crafts vendors.

          4. Community Engagement

            When people frequent their local farmers market, they meet neighbors and make friends! Farmers markets can provide a real sense of kinship and togetherness.

            5. Support Small Businesses

              When people shop at farmers markets they are not only procuring healthy and fresh food options, they are also supporting the livelihood of the many hardworking people that grow, raise and make the food we eat.

              These are just a few reasons to visit a farmer’s market, but there are many more! Get out there and find your local market and start shopping!

              In New Orleans? Then you’re in luck. Don’t miss the Crescent City Farmers Market at Ochsner at Ochsner West Campus every Wednesday, beginning January 9 from 3 to 7 p.m.

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