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3 Ways to Thank a Nurse

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Nurses are at the front lines of the COVID-19 response, working tirelessly to keep our community safe.

Every year, from May 6-12, the entire country celebrates nurses during National Nurses Week.

Nurses are truly the “Jack and Jane of all trades” in a hospital or medical facility. They are brave educators, care consultants, researchers, innovators and most importantly, they provide compassionate touch and reassurance. And when physical interaction is not possible, the comfort of their words, body language and expressions shine through.

Do you want to thank the nurse who has made a difference in your life? Ochsner Health has compiled three ways to thank a nurse during this special week – all while social distancing!

  1. Shout thank you from the virtual rooftops. Show the nurses you know that you are grateful for their work with a social media shout-out. You can make it extra personal by sharing a photo of the special nurse in your life, or a more general show of appreciation to all nurses in your friend group. Not the social media type? Send a note, card, email or text. Call or video chat with your number one nurse and tell them how much you care.
  2. Give the gift of skincare. You think you’re washing your hands a lot? Nurses are CONSTANTLY washing and sanitizing their hands (pre-COVID-19, and they will continue to do so long after). As we are now all aware, proper and frequent handwashing can lead to dry, cracked and irritated skin. Drop off a gift of hand lotion (unscented unless you know a preferred smell), balm or healing cream. Gift cards work just as well.
  3. Help with essential errands. Nurses, like all healthcare workers, are working long shifts. They may get off work too late to make it to the grocery store, or too tired to attempt a trip on their day off. Offer to go in their place. Have them text or email you a list of what they need—and leave the groceries outside their door for a contactless exchange. Does your nurse-friend’s yard need tending? Cut their grass or pull their weeds so they can spend their downtime relaxing.

These are just a few ways you can reach out and show a nurse you appreciate them during this time. Nurses are true superheroes, before, during and long after COVID-19. In 2019, it was announced that the World Health Organization would designate 2020 as the Year of the Nurse and the Midwife, so feel free to participate year-round—no gesture is too small!

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