The Do's and Don'ts of Working From Home

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Sometimes weather strikes, you’re running a fever with no more vacation days, or your boss is nice enough to encourage you to hunker down and get a big project done in silence. Whatever the case may be, there may be times where you find yourself working from home.

Below are a few tips on how to make working from home an effective and positive experience.


  • Get dressed. Hanging around in your robe all day won’t set the right mind-frame – starting you off on the wrong foot when it comes to productivity and concentration.
  • Know when to quit. Time can often slip away from you when working from home, especially if the house is calm and quiet. Stop when the day is done and don’t work afterhours.
  • Socialize! Don’t isolate yourself or avoid coworkers because they aren’t a desk away. Email, message, or video chat as needed.


  • Eat empty calories. While working from home, your kitchen is so close – but stay out of the candy and junk food!
  • Sit on the couch. Find a comfortable, ergonomically-friendly desk. The right environment will set the right mentality.
  • Get stagnant. Remember to take breaks, walk outside or do a few yoga poses to ensure you are moving and separating yourself from your computer every now and then.

While working from home might not be ideal for everyone, following a few simple steps will ensure that you can get your work done without burning yourself out. It is all about balance!

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