Ready, Set, Shop – Start Your Black Friday with a Healthy Breakfast

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For so many of us, Black Friday starts in the early morning hours, and if the shopping deals are as good as advertised, it can be a marathon of a day. Some people say it’s a full day of exercise, while others say it’s a full contact sport.

One thing is for sure if venturing out for the day – it must start with a healthy, energizing, breakfast. I always encourage people to begin with three simple rules:

  1. Center your breakfast around a source of protein. Protein helps to increase alertness and focus and helps to stave off hunger until lunchtime.
  2. If you add carbohydrates, make sure it’s a fiber-rich source of energy-boosting carbohydrates, such as whole grain breads, oats or fresh fruits.
  3. Incorporate a little fat, because an entirely fat-free breakfast can leave you feeling hungry sooner. Fat takes longer to digest, helping to ward off pre-lunch hunger pangs. What you don’t want to do is start your Black Friday morning filled with sugary breakfast items, like donuts or other high sugar foods, and large amounts of caffeine. Just as you start to hit your shopping stride in the stores, the sugar burst will begin to wear off and your energy crash will follow.

A few healthy options I do recommend are:

  • Sandwich on whole grain bread or a low-carb wrap with lean turkey, ham, chicken or roast beef. A slice of cheese or a little hummus is a good addition.
  • Peanut or almond butter with 100% fruit preserves on one or two slice of whole grain bread or waffle.
  • A protein shake with milk or unsweetened almond milk, berries, ice and a tablespoon of ground flaxseed.
  • Low-sugar nutrition bars with at least 10 grams of protein.

Make sure your body is filled with the breakfast fuel it needs for your high-energy shopping. With door buster deals throughout the day in most stores, you’ll need to kick off your day right.

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