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Prom Health and Safety Tips for Teens

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From the dresses, to the dates, and the dinners, if you’ve got teens in your household, you’re probably all too aware that prom is just around the corner. Prom is most often thought of as a right-of-passage in the teen world, one step closer to graduation and gearing up for college applications or entering the workforce.

There’s no doubt that teens get excited about having a glamorous night to call their own, however preparing for a fun yet safe experience may sometimes get overlooked in between limousine rentals and dress alterations. Here are a few tips from your Ochsner Pediatricians and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control for a safe prom season.

Prom is a common time when teens stress about body image. If your teen is trying to lose weight, be sure to check with their pediatrician to find out if there is any need for weight loss. Your pediatrician will be able to work with you and your teen to develop a healthy lifestyle to support this instead of dieting.

It is also helpful to suggest trying out hairstyles and makeup ahead of time to ensure there won’t be any allergic reaction to any new products and be sure to read the labels carefully. This also goes for the chosen outfit (including the shoes) to make sure your teen will be comfortable dancing. You can score points suggesting a backup pair of flats for those who are venturing into heels.

Giving clear expectations well before the day of prom in terms of budget, transportation, curfew and parties is imperative. Have a backup plan for transportation at the end of the night so there is no pressure to accept a ride from someone else in case something goes wrong. Be sure to have check-in times set up in advance as well.

You’ll want to reinforce the following with your teens as the date gets closer:

  • Always wear a seat belt in the car.
  • Say no to alcohol, smoking, drugs and sex.
  • Don't get into a car with anyone who has been drinking or doing drugs.
  • Make sure a parent or guardian knows where you will be at all times on prom night.
  • Never accept a ride from anyone who is under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Keep your phone charged and emergency numbers saved in your contacts.
  • Be respectful and safe about your social media usage.

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