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Ochsner & New Orleans Saints Employee Surprise

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As the foot soldiers and unsung heroes of patient care, nurses often fly under the radar. Working in the Medical-Surgical Unit of Ochsner Medical Center, Ahnyel arrives every day with an eagerness and willingness to heal others and improve working conditions for her team. Her colleagues note that she's the first to pick up an extra shift to help a coworker or offer to stay late to ensure patients are safe and content, and she consistently flashes a smile on the most challenging of days.

Ahnyel's team lauds her ability to always look at the bigger picture and proactively takes charge to change internal systems as healthcare evolves and expands. One of her gifts includes helping to overhaul nursing procedures to ensure they are effective and always at the heart, benefit the patient.

LaShawn Doss, Ahnyel’s supervisor, recounted an example of her dedication to her colleagues: when a co-worker's family member was alone and suffering from a heart attack. Ahnyel dropped everything to drive her to her family member, and helped to care for the patient.

Ahnyel expects no gratitude or special treatment. She gives herself to others without reservation and treats everyone like her own, and Ochsner wanted to show our gratitude in true New Orleans fashion.

On November 29, Ahnyel’s family, friends and co-workers from Ochsner celebrate her with a complete surprise party at Ochsner Medical Center – Jefferson Hwy. The commemoration included a special guest appearance from New Orleans Saints left tackle Terron Armstead, who presented her with tickets and field passes to an upcoming game as well as a custom jersey.

The occasion continued with employees sharing their favorite stories about Ahnyel, music and laughter. At the end of the day, with leftover cake and a confetti-filled floor, Ahnyel returned back to work to care for more patients and improve more lives.

Thank you Ahnyel and all of our nurses and caretakers at Ochsner and throughout healthcare.

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