Learning Through Simulation

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Has anyone ever told you “practice makes perfect”? It’s a common phrase that applies to pretty much any field – including medicine.

At Ochsner, we have an entire center dedicated to practicing our craft through simulation: the Ochsner Clinical Simulation and Patient Safety Center, more commonly known as the SIM Center.

What’s a SIM Center?

The SIM Center delivers high-quality experiential learning to Ochsner team members across our system. It’s designed to look and feel just like a real medical facility.

Everything inside the SIM Center is fully furnished and operational. The SIM Center is an 8,500 square foot training area with:

  • 8 outpatient exam rooms
  • 4 flex rooms
  • 2 intensive care unit (ICU) rooms
  • 2 operating rooms
  • Classroom space

The beauty of the SIM Center is that any action in the hospital can be simulated here. From practicing CPR in response to cardiac arrest to simulating what happens during labor and delivery – the scenarios are limitless.

What are the benefits of learning via simulation?

Simulation provides an opportunity for a standardized curriculum over a period of time that a medical professional might not encounter clinically through rotations and day-to-day practice. Simulation allows a learner to experience and (more importantly) learn from that experience.

It’s also in line with how most adults prefer to learn – putting the theory to practice by physically doing the task. And, as an added bonus, simulations can be practiced again and again until one’s technique is perfected. 

There’s a quote on my office door about critical training from the Greek philosopher Archilochus that reads: "We don't rise to the level of our expectations, we fall to the level of our training." Simulation may not be the answer to every component of medical education, but it is a powerful and impactful tool that enhances a medical professional’s training.

Learn more about Ochsner’s SIM Center and the important educational opportunities it provides here.

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