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Ideal Protein: Top 5 Questions Answered

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The new year is the perfect opportunity to start working toward a healthier new you. Ideal Protein can help you meet your weight loss and health goals now. The Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method is a 3-phase protocol that burns fat while supporting muscle and other lean tissue. In addition to losing weight, you also receive the knowledge to keep lost pounds off after dieting via one-on-one weekly coaching.

The Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method evolved over the past 20 years and was originally developed over two decades ago by Dr. Tran Tien Chanh. Dr. Chanh focused his career and research on nutrition with an emphasis on the treatment of obesity-related issues. The method has been proven successful at guiding people to reach their weight loss and wellness goals.

Here are five common questions about Ideal Protein to help you decide if it’s right for you.

1) Is Ideal Protein safe?

Yes, Ideal Protein is safe. The food items are all FDA approved. However, there are particular health conditions that can exclude some people from participating in the protocol. Before participating, each person must complete a health profile to determine if they are qualified.

2) Is Ideal Protein a high-protein diet?

No. Ideal Protein offers the optimal amount of protein, vitamins and minerals to ensure the body systems function properly. The goal of Ideal Protein is to provide the body with the proper amount of protein to preserve lean body mass, while reducing the intake of carbs and fats. This allows the body to lose body fat, not muscle.

3) What are the different phases of the program?

The first phase of the protocol is the weight loss phase. Ideal Protein meal replacements are used for 3 of the 4 meals a participant consumes daily. Additional items, such as a serving of protein and vegetables, are added by the participant for dinner.

The second phase of the protocol introduces a higher intake of carbs and transitions the participant into stabilization. The client and coach will work together to develop a customized weekly menu, for the client’s personal macronutrient needs. A private one-hour appointment is required for this phase of the program.

The third phase takes all the education the participant has learned over his/her journey and gives guidance to better eating patterns. Periodic check-ins and support materials are provided to ensure long-term success, without gaining the weight back.

4) Is exercise allowed during Ideal Protein?

Yes, but only to a certain extent. After the first 2 weeks on the protocol, light exercise is encouraged. Ideal Protein is considered a low-calorie plan, so moderate to heavy exercise has the potential to cause muscle loss, which is not the goal.

Ideal Protein offers a component through becoming a participant called Ideal Fitness. Through Ideal Fitness, the participant is given weekly workouts guided by an online personal trainer that improve core strength and stability with new workouts posted every week. Staying hydrated and taking all the Ideal Protein supplements are strongly suggested as well.

5) How long does the program last?

The duration for every person’s journey is all relative to the goals set with their Ideal Protein coach at the initial consultation. Every person has a road map to success, with different motivations and goals.

The speed of the program is dependent on the age, family circumstances, health status and desired outcome of the participant. Though each person’s journey is different, everyone is given the same tools to succeed.

If you feel like The Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method may be a good fit for you and want to get a jump start on your fitness goals in the new year, you can schedule your private consultation with your Ideal Protein personal health coach today. Ochsner is currently offering 10% off your QuickStart bag when you schedule before January 15.

For more information or to schedule a consultation in Covington, Mandeville or Slidell, call 985-898-7255 for Ochsner or 985-892-3766 for St. Tammany Health System.

Learn more about Ideal Protein at Ochsner.


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