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5 Best Tips to Help You Train Like an Olympic Athlete

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The 2024 Summer Olympics are July 26-Aug. 11 in Paris. Which sports will you be watching the most? Will it be swimming, running, soccer, gymnastics or cycling?

Great Olympians to watch include Katie Ledecky (swimming), Simone Biles (gymnastics) and Coco Gauff (tennis).

If you are getting fired up for the competition, it is time for you to train like an Olympian, and not just watch from the sidelines. Why not? The summer days are long, and the inspiration is right in front of you!

Olympians train smart, long, and intensively for two to four years. You can train for an event this summer, fall or winter (when it is cooler), but you can nonetheless train like an Olympian. Here are some useful guidelines to get you started. Just remember, your training should include a sport and a goal that makes it fun. Choose a sport that you like a lot because you will be spending lots of time training like you mean it!

Keep focused on your goal

If your goal is to run a 5K (3.1 mile) race, decide what your goal is. Is it to finish, or is it to finish fast? Does your goal include survival or excelling?

Be specific in training

Read up on training strategies. Train for the distance. Build up to that 5K distance gradually and do some speed work with it. Train at the same time of day the race will take place. Create a schedule for training days. Find a partner to train with. Discuss with your partner what your individual goals are.

Make sure you are fueling for top performance

It is summertime, so electrolytes (including potassium and sodium), and water are necessary parts of the formula. So is eating for optimal health. Limit your fat intake, increase your consumption of lean protein, and eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Healthy carbohydrates are also important when you are working hard. If you think about food as fuel, you will not under eat or overeat. Cut out junk food, empty carbs, and sugars such as soft drinks and candy bars.

Think about your form

Good posture is important, and so is how you perform the exercises you do. If you are considering that 5K, have proper body positioning with shoulders back. Concentrate on breathing from your diaphragm and find a comfortable stride with regular turnover.

Train regularly, most days of the week

Forget that weekend warrior stance, but rest and recover well to do it again. Sleep seven to eight hours a night, limit alcohol intake, and remember: You're an Olympian.

So, if you want to feel as though you are in step with the Olympians and cannot travel to Paris, you can implement an Olympic training program of your own while being inspired while watching the games.

Just pick your sport, find your focus, be specific in your training, fuel for peak performance, keep an eye on your form, and train regularly with rest and recovery in between workouts.

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