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How to Prepare the Future Leaders of Healthcare

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Growing up, its commonplace for parents to tell their children they can be anything they want to be. Good news – the kids are listening!

It’s estimated that there will be an 18 percent growth rate in healthcare occupations by 2026. Whether people are interested in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), or find fulfillment in helping others, the job growth rate in healthcare is increasing.

Increased Demand, Increased Career Options

High demands in healthcare due to large aging populations, people living longer due to medical advancements and hands-on needs that can’t be outsourced are a few of the main reasons we’re seeing the need for growth in this industry.

With these demands and growth comes more career options. Doctors and nurses aren’t the only popular choices anymore. Physician assistants, nurse practitioners, pharmacy technicians, physical therapists, medical assistants, 
sonographers, lab techs, EMTs – the list goes on and on.

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Equipping the Youth of Today with the Skills Needed for Tomorrow

We know the need is there and the jobs are there. But how are we training the next generation for these positions?

Peaking interest for these types of jobs starts early. Science technology, academics and research (STAR) and STEM programs like Ochsner’s are becoming the norm. Hands-on camps and trainings are a favorite activity during weekends and summer breaks. Industry support for curriculum, equipment, speakers and job demonstrations is vast. The opportunities and outreach are endless.

Science and qualitative skills, effective interpersonal communication, problem-solving and research capabilities and working under pressure are a few of the things students should experience and prepare for within the growing field. STEM programs and trainings are built to hone these skills.

Along with Ochsner, many healthcare systems, schools and organizations are equipping the youth of today with the right tools, experience and opportunities to not only succeed, but too excel within the future of the healthcare industry. Our future is bright!

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