Give Your Feet a Break During Holiday Shopping Season

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The holiday shopping season is quickly approaching. This means hours of walking through the mall, standing in line and ultimately putting added stress on your feet. Here are some tips on how make the season a little more foot-friendly:

Wear the appropriate shoes.

Holiday shopping is like a marathon so you should prepare accordingly.

  • No heels – heels may look great but they will tire out the feet more quickly and could increase the risk of trips and falls.
  • No flip flops – flip flops don’t provide sufficient foot and ankle support.
  • Do not wear shoes that are too tight or constraining.
  • Do wear comfortable, well fitting shoes that provide support similar to that found in a walking or running shoe.
  • Use shoe inserts if you need added support.

Travel light.

  • Carry a lightweight purse – this will help make up for the extra weight of added packages and boxes.
  • Frequently unload packages and boxes into the car so that you are not carrying too much weight.


Take breaks throughout the shopping day to give your feet and legs a rest. During the breaks you can stretch the calf muscles with a few simple stretches or even elevate your feet on a mall bench to take the pressure off and reduce shopping-related swelling.

Special concerns.

  • Diabetics should take special care during lengthy shopping trips.
  • Pay attention to your feet throughout the day to ensure that blisters or cuts do not develop as these could lead to lasting problems.
  • Examine your feet after a day of shopping to look for signs of any problems.
  • Consult your physician if you do discover a problem.

Following this advice can prevent many problems caused by prolonged periods of time on your feet. Many people get distracted by the rush of holiday shopping and push themselves through the pain. It is important to pay attention to your body during the shopping season. You don’t want to end up with problems that will inhibit you from fully enjoying the holidays with family and friends.

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