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5 Reasons to Join #AlcoholFreefor40

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We know that excessive drinking isn’t good. But we may justify regular drinking with the rationale that a drink a day is good for our hearts. Turns out, however, that the negative health consequences of alcohol – at any level – likely outweigh any positive benefit.

In other words, "moderate" drinking probably isn’t as good for us as we’ve been told.

I know. It’s not what you want to hear. But a 2018 report by "The Lancet" reviewed studies that included 28 million people and found that even just one drink a day was linked to a higher risk of health issues, such as breast, colon, rectal and throat cancer. Two drinks daily significantly upped the risk of oral cancers, traffic injuries and violence-related injuries.

The report’s researchers note that the health risks associated with alcohol rises rapidly the more we drink.

That's why, each year, we issue an annual Alcohol Free for 40 Challenge, which starts on Ash Wednesday. The challenge is simple: Give up all alcohol from Ash Wednesday, which this year falls on Mar. 2, until Easter, which is April 17, 2022.

    Why take this challenge?

    Registered Dietitian Molly Kimball shares a few words:

    5 benefits of taking a break from alcohol:

    • Look better. In addition to dropping extra pounds, you’ll find that your skin and complexion look healthier. We can’t guarantee that your skin will glow, but don’t be surprised if people start to ask what you’re doing differently.
    • Feel better. With deeper sleep, better hydration and less inflammation, there’s no way you won’t feel significantly better during the #AlcoholFreeFor40 challenge – especially if you take the extra step with #AlcoholFreeFor40 2.0 and eliminate or drastically cut back on sugar and white carbs.
    • Save money. Even a moderate drinker likely spends hundreds of dollars a month on booze. This online tool by calculates your “liquidity” to determine your true savings. 
    • Lose weight. Yes, less bloating and less puffiness, but participants also report significant weight loss – shedding real body fat. One caveat: Do not replace booze with sweets, which is what we’ve found some participants have done in the past. This is also why we’ve launched #AlcoholFreefor40 2.0 this year, adding in the option to commit to cutting out processed carbs and sugar.
    • Develop healthier habits. Many participants report sustained changes in their drinking habits after participating. As part of the challenge, we encourage participants to gather baseline health metrics on their own with a health care provider, or to sign up for our annual pre-challenge metrics for $25.

    Ready to sign up?

    Secure your spot by registering for the challenge now

    *Note: AlcoholFreeFor40 kickoff events  with lab component are available in the following regions: Eat Fit NOLA, Eat Fit Baton Rouge, Eat Fit Acadiana, Eat Fit Northshore and Eat Fit Shreveport. The cost is $35, but anyone can join in the challenge for free without the party and labs.

    Learn more about Ochsner Eat Fit programs.


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