4 Reasons to Choose a Kid-Friendly Gym

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Joining the right fitness center can mean better habits and more fun for the whole family.

It’s tough to make time for fitness. Add kids to the mix and getting to the gym for a sweat session can feel impossible.

But what if you could bring your little ones with you? With services like child care, youth fitness programs and summer and holiday camps, gyms are making it easier than ever to get the whole family involved in fitness. These are just four of the reasons you should choose a kid-friendly gym.

1. It’s Easier to Be Consistent

If you’ve got kids at home, fitting in regular workouts can be a logistical nightmare, not to mention that paying for a babysitter every time you want to exercise just isn’t practical.

“It’s easier when you can have care and entertainment for children at the same facility you come to for fitness and fun,” says Noel Teen, director of fitness at Ochsner Fitness Center.

And the fewer excuses that get in the way of making it to the gym, the more consistent you can be with your workout routine.

2. You’ll Inspire Healthy Habits in Your Kids

When your kids see you committing to fitness, it teaches them the importance of taking care of yourself, Teen says.

“If they see us leaving work each day and eating pizza on the couch, they will most likely inherit that behavior,” Teen says. By the same token, children who see their parents taking steps to stay healthy are more likely to do the same themselves.

3. They’ll Get Something Out of It, Too

When you have childcare and kids’ fitness programs available on-site, you can work out guilt-free knowing your kids are not only safe, but having fun. Ochsner Fitness Center offers programs for kids from 6 months to 13 years old, including obstacle courses, basketball courts, a pirate ship playground, a teen arcade and the Adventure Challenge, a two-story indoor maze with 100 yards of slides, tunnels, ropes and balls.

4. They Can Try Different Sports

Gym programs make it easy for kids to try different activities while you work out — all in one place. This can help them find a physical activity they’ll enjoy and lay the groundwork for a lifetime of fitness.

At Ochsner Fitness Center, kids can sample swimming, gymnastics, basketball and more. And older kids can even workout alongside you — fun, physical quality time, away from phones and other screens.

Ready to make fitness a family affair?Join Ochsner Fitness Center today!

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