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10 zero proof cocktail ideas to ring in the new year

10 Zero-Proof Cocktail Ideas to Ring in 2024

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Everyone wants to have a good time toasting at midnight on New Year’s Eve, but excessive champagne consumption can lead to a pretty rough start to the new year. Fortunately, zero-proof cocktails are the perfect alternative for feeling festive as the ball drops without experiencing the next-morning hangover. We’ve rounded up a list of our top picks of Eat Fit-approved zero-proof cocktails for ringing in the new year.

French 75 Zero-Proof Cocktail: The French 75 was named after the French 75-millimeter field gun celebrated for its rapid-fire power. The original, made with cognac — and even its lighter gin-based sister — is a wickedly powerful concoction. This zero-proof version maintains the respect of the original’s potency without knocking you out.

Ritual Old Fashioned Zero-Proof Cocktail Recipe: To create a boozeless version of one of the booziest cocktails out there, try this recipe, which uses Ritual whiskey alternative, two types of bitters and Swoon monkfruit-sweetened simple syrup. It’s the next best thing to the real thing.

Moscow Mule Mocktail: Fresh mint, lime and ginger beer come together to create a spicy, zesty libation in the form of this alcohol-free Moscow Mule created by Antoni's Italian Café in New Orleans. Serve it in a copper cup to complete the experience.

Billows and Thieves Zero-Proof Cocktail: Looking to serve something especially unique at your New Year’s Eve bash? Try this beautiful Billows and Thieves zero-proof cocktail, which features a cardamom-cinnamon simple syrup made with Swerve Brown Sugar, grapefruit, lemon and coffee. Yes, grapefruit, coffee and spices. The combination, which was dreamed up the The Bonnie in Queens, New York, may sound rather unusual but trust me – it tastes incredible.

Big Easy Cucumber Cooler by El Guapo Bitters: This cool mocktail blends cucumber, non-alcoholic lavender bitters and kombucha, and is perhaps one of the most refreshing sippers to ring in the new year.

Nectar of the Gods Zero-Proof Cocktail: Soda water is a super versatile way to fill out a drink, including zero-proof cocktails. And it’s now socially acceptable to drink pickle juice. So, it’s a win-win with this Nectar of the Gods, which is sure to raise eyebrows with your guests – in a really good way.

Hurricane Mocktail Recipe: In New Orleans, the Hurricane is known for being sneakily strong, not to mention crazy high in sugar. But the talented team at Swerve has made over the famous drink with zero added sugar, zero artificial food dyes and zero alcohol.

Ritual Margarita Zero-Proof Cocktail: This alcohol-free Ritual Margarita created by Tchoup's MidCity Smokehouse mixologist Nathan Walker tastes like the real thing but won’t leave you with a tequila hangover.

Grapefruit Rosemary Spritzer: Created by Antoni's Italian Café in New Orleans, this bubbly mocktail, which marries citrusy grapefruit, club soda and aromatic rosemary, smells and tastes beyond amazing.

Tahini Milkshake Zero-Proof Cocktail: “A tahini milkshake?” you ask. And I’m here to tell you: Yes. A million times yes. Get out of your comfort zone with this zero-proof cocktail, borrowed from Swerve’s “Off the Sauce’’ recipe book.

Want to try your hand at creating your own zero-proof cocktail recipes for New Year’s? Consider starting with one of these better-for-you mocktail mixers, all of which contain low to no sugar and calories.

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If you love these recipes, you need our new book, "Craft: The Eat Fit Guide to Zero Proof Cocktails.'' You'll refer to it for years to come any time you have a special celebration or just want to enjoy a festive beverage, sans alcohol.

Craft: The Eat Fit Guide to Craft Zero Proof Cocktails recipe guide
The Eat Fit guide to no-alcohol cocktails is an important addition to your recipe collection.

Also, don’t miss the “Shaking Things Up: The Guide to Amazing Zero-Proof Cocktails” episode of my podcast, FUELED, to get tips on making healthful alcohol-free cocktails perfect for toasting to festive times or enjoying the ritual of relaxing with a tasty beverage after a long day.

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