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What to Expect When Having Twins

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Double the babies, double the fun. But having multiples can come with a lot of questions. While the experience can be different from carrying one baby, being prepared is key. From what to expect during your visits with your obstetrician to what to eat, here are a few things you need to know.

  1. Remember to maintain a healthy diet with increased protein. While some people may think that now you are eating for three, this is not the case. You should still maintain a healthy weight gain based on your pre-pregnancy BMI (body mass index). Talk to your doctor to make sure you are getting enough food and fluids to supply your babies with the necessary nutrients.
  2. Expect to have more visits with the obstetrician. You will need more ultrasounds than a singleton pregnancy to make sure both babies are growing appropriately.
  3. Be ready for preterm labor. On average, multifetal gestations are born between 36-37 weeks. Make sure you have your bag for the hospital ready to go! Be aware of the signs of labor as they may happen before your due date. If you have contractions every five minutes or closer for two hours, leakage of your water bag or heavy bleeding, you should go to the hospital immediately.
  4. Be aware of your risks. Women that are pregnant with twins are at increased risk for gestational diabetes and pre-eclampsia. Your doctor will evaluate you for each of these conditions. Make your doctor aware if you experience headaches not relieved by Tylenol, blurry vision or changes in your vision.

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