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What is Ochsner On Call?

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Ochsner On Call is a free 24/7 nurse advice line that puts you in touch with an expert anytime – whether you have a health concern or need advice on care options.

Imagine this: It’s 7:30 p.m. on Saturday night and your child has a 104 degree fever. Do you go to the emergency room or wait to see a pediatrician during normal business hours? This is an example of when patients have used Ochsner on Call to determine the best care option. Ochsner On Call is URAC accredited and supported by registered triage nurses who can provide symptom-based advice and care for both pediatric and adult patients.

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Have a Question about a Non-Life Threatening Issue?

Call our free 24/7 nurse advice line at 1-800-231-5257.

What Can You Expect if You Call Ochsner on Call?

The nurse will begin by asking a series of questions regarding the symptoms the patient is experiencing to help determine what the best care setting will be. The nurse will then instruct the patient to perform home care, visit a primary care physician, go to Urgent Care or go directly to the emergency room.

What do Patients Typically Seek Advice for?

A few of the common pediatric and adult concerns that the Ochsner on Call nurses receive are vomiting, diarrhea, stomach pain, chest pain, high fever, shortness of breath as well as questions regarding postoperative care.

For non-life threatening issues, the specially trained registered nurses will help you determine the best options for where to seek care, health education and advisory services.

When is it Appropriate to Call Ochsner on Call?

  • Deciding where to go for non-life threatening issues
  • Urgent after hours questions following an appointment or procedure
  • Determining if an issue is serious enough to go to the ER

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