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What is a Buried Penis?

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A buried penis, also known as a hidden penis or concealed penis, is a condition where the penis is trapped underneath the skin of the lower abdomen or scrotum. Men with this condition report having trouble with urination (for example, spraying with urination, dribbling, etc.). Some men have trouble with penetration during sexual intercourse.

What causes a buried penis?

This condition is more common in men who have an elevated body mass index (BMI). Sometimes men who have had a circumcision where too much skin was removed may identify with this condition. Men with chronic skin infections of the skin around the penis are at increased risk of developing scar tissue that may trap the penis underneath the skin.

What are the treatment options?

First, the patient’s general health is important, and men with a buried penis are encouraged to engage in a weight loss program; afterward, men may need surgery to expose the penis. After an in-depth evaluation and exam, your Urologist or Plastic Surgeon may offer multiple ways to treat this condition, including but not limited to:

  • Removal of the scar tissue on the skin, especially skin that has chronic infections.
  • Removal of the skin in the pubic area that is contributing to the appearance of a buried penis
  • Men who have erectile dysfunction have many options available for treatment

Men who are smokers and men who have uncontrolled diabetes are at risk for increased complications. Ochsner Health has many resources to help patients reach their health and wellness goals, including our Smoking Cessation Services and our Diabetes Digital Medicine Program.

Men with a buried penis should know this is a known medical condition with successful treatment options. Men who have had this procedure performed have restored intimacy with their partners, the ability to urinate without dribbling urine and improved quality of life.

Dr. Omotola Ashorobi is a urologist at Ochsner Medical Center - West Bank Campus with special interest in reconstruction. Book an appointment with Dr. Ashorobi today.


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