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What Are the Treatments for Autism Spectrum Disorder?

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How is autism spectrum disorder treated? In this previously recorded Facebook Live interview, child and adolescent psychologists Lee Ann Annotti, PhD, and Nicole Lasserre, PhD, BCBA, discuss the evaluation, assessment process, interventions, therapies and services for children with autism spectrum disorder.

Autism spectrum disorder is a development disability that causes challenges in communication, social interactions and behavior. Children with autism may display repetitive patterns of behaviors, interests or activities. They learn in a different way than most children, and their abilities can range from mild to severe.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one in 59 children are estimated to have autism. Autism is typically diagnosed in childhood. Autism is a lifelong disorder. However, with proper treatment and intervention, most children can grow to live normal, independent lives.

“I never think it’s too early to start monitoring for potential developmental delays. We know that signs of autism can be reliably observed in kids as young as 12 months. You want to be sure you’re familiar with those developmental milestones. If you have those concerns, you should discuss it with your pediatrician. This can help lead to early intervention if it’s needed,” Dr. Lasserre said.

At Ochsner Health, The Michael R. Boh Center for Child Development offers a family-centered, multi-disciplinary Autism Assessment Clinic. This clinic is designed to assess children ages 2 to 4 years of age for suspected autism spectrum disorder using evidence-based assessment tools. The multi-disciplinary team consists of a medical developmental specialist, psychologist, speech pathologist and social worker, which allows for a comprehensive evaluation. After the evaluation, the results will be shared with the family along with tailored recommendations to support the child’s development and additional resources.

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