What are Simple Kidney Cysts?

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Simple kidney cysts are like a bubble on the kidney that typically develop due to aging. They are abnormal and filled with fluid.

What causes them?

There are some hereditary diseases that cause cysts in the body. For this reason, we recommend people with cysts be evaluated to rule out connection to disease. Less commonly, simple kidney cysts can form due to a nodule or mass.

How are they treated?

Usually, cysts require no treatment. If a cyst is not just a simple cyst and has other components associated with it, they sometimes need surgical intervention.

How do you know if you have them?

Typically, cysts are discovered when a patient has a CT scan, MRI or ultrasound done for another medical reason. Larger cysts can sometimes cause pain, so your doctor may suspect cysts in that case and order imaging tests to investigate further.

How big are they?

Though typically small, cysts can grow to be as large as the kidney. When cysts are associated with a nodule or mass, there is risk of cancer. In this case, the cyst requires closer evaluation and possibly surgery to remove it.

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