Top Helpful Products for Patients with Alzheimer's

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There are many products available to help those with Alzheimer's, including mobility, bath and safety and homecare bedroom products.

Below are a few products of specific interest for Alzheimer's patients:

Personal Alarms​
The personal alarm notifies caregivers as soon as a patient gets up from their bed or chair, or tries to leave via a window or door. The alarm attaches the patients' clothing to their bed or chair, notifying caregivers as soon as there is movement big enough to cause a detachment.

Car Battery Switches
Car battery switches prevent an Alzheimer’s patient from starting their car.

Medicine Dispensers
Medicine dispensers help to remind patients which pills to take and when. Medicine dispensers are very common, especially when patients are prescribed to many medicines.

Memory-dial Telephones
Memory-dial telephones enable patients to call family and caregivers without having to remember any numbers. A picture of the person next to the speed dial is used to help patients know who they are calling, without having to remember many phone numbers.

All of these products can be found at Ochsner's Home Medical Equipment & Total Health Solutions store.

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