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Top Apps for Heart Health

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There’s an app for almost anything these days – including for your heart health! And the best part is you’ve got plenty of options to choose from based on your personal health goals and your phone’s operating system.

General Health Apps

General health apps are the most popular and most common system-based apps on the market. Apple and Android versions, Apple Health and Samsung Health, respectively are available and allow you to track things like your heart rate, your steps and even your sleep.

From a heart health standpoint, these types of apps are recommended because they can catch some of the first warning signs of heart problems and get the user more connected with and therefore more invested in their own health.

If you’re interested in general health apps, check out:

Weight Loss

Losing weight is the easiest way to get healthier and minimize the amount of medications you need to take. This holds true especially for your heart health. Being overweight or obese is a strain on the heart and a direct risk factor for heart disease.

My Fitness Pal and Lose It! are both calorie tracker apps. My Fitness Pal is one of the most popular on the market and is very user-friendly with easy ways to input what you eat. It also includes a barcode scanner to easily scan your grocery items for easy food tracking. Lose It! can take the functionality to the next level by letting you take a picture of your actual food and letting its software figure out how many calories you are about to eat. Both also have very active weight loss communities.

If you’re interested in weight loss apps, check out:


What you put into your body is vital to your overall health – including your heart health. Fooducate educates the user about their food choices, helping them make the right selections on a day to day basis. It assigns food items a health grade and suggests healthier alternatives if available. There is also a calorie counting feature.

If you’re interested in nutrition apps, check out:


Anything that gets you exercising will benefit your cardiovascular health. Freeletics is an app that can create a personal workout plan regardless of your fitness level. There are also numerous couch to 5K apps on the market that are great for jump starting a walking/running program even if you have never run before – just don’t forget to consult your primary care physician or cardiologist prior to starting any type of workout program.

If you’re interested in workout apps, check out:

Water Tracker

Staying well hydrated is key to your happiness, digestive tract, and your overall health including your cardiac health. Unfortunately, it’s also an often-overlooked component of good health. Waterlogged and the Drink Water reminder app are two great apps that help you keep track of and keep up with your daily water intake. Bonus – for some specific cardiac patients that should limited their overall fluid intake, this is a great way to track that as well!

If you’re interested in water tracker apps, check out: