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Things To Know If Your Child Needs Pediatric Plastic Surgery

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Surgery can be a daunting event for both children and their parents, but these explanations and tips can help to ease concerns and help surgery day go as smoothly as possible.

Why might my child need plastic surgery?

There are a wide variety of reasons why infants and children may need plastic surgery. Some conditions are present when the child is born, such as cleft lip or cleft palate.

Others conditions, like post-traumatic wounds, scars, or burns occur at a point after birth.

Need A Consultation?

Every year, thousands of pediatricians, family physicians and parents choose the surgery team at Ochsner Hospital for Children. Schedule online today.

My child needs surgery. What can I expect?

Parents can expect their children to be cared for by a phenomenal team of surgeons, nurses, child life specialists, and anesthesiologists. It’s a great idea to bring your child’s favorite stuffed animal or cartoon hero on the day of surgery to help comfort them.

Your child will not see any needles while awake and will be placed under anesthesia in the operating room with inhaled gas, and will in some cases be given “goofy juice” in the pre-op holding area to lessen their anxiety.

During surgery, extensive local anesthesia is used to keep your child asleep as well as comfortable when they wake up.

What will the post-surgery recovery be like?

Fortunately, most pediatric plastic surgeries can be performed safely as an outpatient procedure, where a child can come in the day of the procedure and go home that afternoon or evening.

Children are typically groggy in the first few hours after waking up from surgery, and in most cases, they are given antibiotics and occasionally prescription pain medication following the procedure.

In many cases children are able to return to school the following day in many cases.

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