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The Top 5 Most Addictive Foods

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You’re trying to be healthier, but the siren’s call of junk food is just too much to say no to. We’ve all been there – and it turns out there’s a reason why.

According to a study conducted by researchers at the University of Michigan, foods that are highly processed and have more sugar and fat per bite can actually be addictive.

Why? These processed foods have a higher concentration of refined – and craveable – carbohydrates.  Additionally, nutrients such as fiber and protein have been removed, which increases the rate that the refined carbohydrates are absorbed into the system. 

So what are the most addictive foods and, more importantly, how can you curb your addiction to these tasty treats? Read on to find out.

  1. Pizza: Of course pizza tops the list. After all, who can say no to its cheesy goodness? It’s hard to resist, so try adding more whole, fresh vegetables as toppings or a cauliflower crust to lighten it up.
  2. Chocolate: Again, no surprise here! What is surprising, however, is that milk chocolate is more addictive than dark chocolate, so try swapping out that milk chocolate for something with a higher cacao content.
  3. Chips: Chips are highly processed, resulting in the perfect combination of salty and airy. They don’t fill you up, though, so you may find that you’ve suddenly eaten a whole bag without even realizing it. Try a low-salt version or a veggie chip instead.
  4. Cookies: If you have a sweet tooth, try making your own cookies instead of relying on the store-bought kind so you can include healthier ingredients to lighten things up.
  5. Ice cream: Let’s face it – ice cream is delicious. Portion control is your friend here, so try serving yourself less ice cream and topping it with fresh fruit.


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