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The Connected MOM Program Helps to Ease Pregnancy Worries

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Christine Rigamer was delighted to learn she was expecting her second child. However, due to the complications from her first pregnancy, she knew that keeping track of her health during this time could be daunting. For support, she enrolled in Ochsner Connected MOM (Maternity Online Monitoring), a program designed to empower expecting mothers to manage their pregnancy from the comfort of their home while staying connected to their Obstetrician between visits.

This personalized program allowed Christine to digitally send her weight and blood pressure readings to her medical team, making it easy for them to monitor her health between visits. Christine said it was “wonderful” to know that she wasn’t the only one tracking her blood pressure and weight data. “Having that extra layer of connection with my care team really made all the difference,” she said. Now she is telling her friends about the program!

Ochsner’s Connected MOM lets you stay connected to your Obstetrician between visits. Using convenient digital tools (a blood pressure cuff and wireless scale), you can upload readings directly to your OB and their team from your home to ensure your readings are within healthy levels and catch potential issues sooner.

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