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She Survived Breast Cancer and COVID-19

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Maria Yiannopoulos, of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, received routine mammograms for 22 years, but wasn’t prioritizing a screening in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It was only after she tested positive for the virus that she saw her doctor and was scheduled for a mammogram, revealing stage 3 breast cancer. Maria encourages women to make their annual screenings a priority, no matter the circumstances. “It saves lives,” she said. “It really, truly does, because it saved mine.” 

She also said, "My message to women out there –please go get your annual exams. It’s so important. It saves lives. It really, truly does because it saved mine."

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About Cancer Care at Ochsner
For over 70 years, Ochsner has been dedicated to cancer research and new cancer treatment development, bringing innovations to the fight against cancer— including more clinical trials than anywhere else in the region. At Ochsner, we have doctors so specialized that they treat specific types of cancer. Your doctor will work with a team of cancer specialists so you have the benefit of knowledge that can make all the difference in your treatment, quality of life and recovery. Ochsner provides cancer services for adult and pediatric cancer patients and their families from diagnosis through recovery, including the most complex and difficult to treat cancers.

At Ochsner, adult and pediatric cancer patients benefit from a collaborative approach to cancer care by a highly skilled team of physicians, oncology nurses, social workers, researchers and other healthcare professionals. What’s more, your referring physician remains part of our team and will be kept in the loop on your treatment and progress.

Ochsner’s multidisciplinary approach means you have a whole network to lean on – and each member of the team knows what the other is thinking and doing. Ours is an environment that fosters innovation and collaboration. Everyone is on the same page – everyone has the same information and the same goals.

At Ochsner, appointments are scheduled with your comfort and convenience in mind. Team members keep compatible office hours to make it easier for you to see more than one doctor on the same day. When you’re not feeling well, you want a team that works around your needs, not theirs.

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What Is a Mammogram?

A mammogram is a special test that can detect breast cancer. Because most breast cancers cannot be felt, a yearly mammogram can be a valuable tool for early detection.