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She Smoked 2 Packs a Day for 60 Years and Quit with Ochsner's Program

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Dianne McAnelly, of Prairieville, Louisiana, started smoking in 1962. She smoked for the next 60 years, about two packs a day. That adds up to about 40 cigarettes a day, or nearly 15,000 cigarettes a year. 

Dianne spent nearly $175,000 total on cigarettes over the years. But that's just the financial toll. 

'I never thought I'd be able to quit,'' Dianne said. Enter Ochsner's Smoking Cessation program.

"It's been a miraculous thing as far as I'm concerned, and it's all thanks to Ochsner and this program,'' she said.

From damaging your health to monopolizing your time and hurting your budget, tobacco use holds you back in so many ways. Ochsner Health can help you move forward with tobacco cessation services from locations conveniently located throughout the Gulf Coast.

Smoking Cessation Services at Ochsner Health has an excellent track record of helping people kick the habit. About 30% of our patients quit within a year, which is more than triple the national average. We offer free tobacco cessation counseling from certified tobacco treatment specialists. Our experts will help you find an effective combination of treatments, which may be covered for free or at a reduced cost.

Quitting smoking, dipping or vaping is hard, but it’s even more difficult alone. With help and support, however, your chances of successfully quitting increase. By deciding you want to make an important change for your health, you’ve taken a big step toward quitting. Now, let our certified smoking cessation service providers help you reach your goal.

Who’s eligible for tobacco cessation services at Ochsner?

You may qualify for our free Tobacco Cessation Program if you are:

  • A Louisiana or Mississippi resident
  • At least 18 years old
  • Interested in products to help you quit tobacco
  • Ready to quit tobacco smoking, dipping or vaping

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