Ochsner’s Mobile O Bar: Coming to a Clinic Near You

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Imagine being able to ask an expert why your Fitbit isn’t tracking your steps correctly, or why one calorie counting app is better than another.

You can do both of those things and more at an Ochsner O Bar, where technology can be explained — and explored — all in the name of better health.

Founded in 2014, Ochsner O Bars help patients seamlessly manage their health and wellness. The use of technology to engage patients in their own wellbeing has become a significant part of healthcare.

Now, for the first time, Ochsner is taking an O Bar on the road!

The mobile O Bar is Ochsner’s first mobile wellness experience, offering the latest in cutting-edge, interactive health technology to help patients get and stay healthy.

Keep up with the mobile O Bar’s schedule to see when it’s visiting a clinic near you.

Outfitted like Ochsner’s brick-and-mortar O Bars, this health-focused “Genius Bar” on wheels is staffed by a full-time technology specialist who offers patients assistance in choosing the right product or app for their lifestyle, and provides setup guidance and support.

Don’t let technophobia stand in the way! Visit the Mobile O Bar to:

  • Test drive more than 100 Ochsner-approved health apps covering topics such

as wellness, nutrition, fitness, diabetes, women’s health and smoking cessation.

  • Explore the latest in health devices including blood pressure monitors, activity

trackers and more.

  • Get set up with the right equipment and apps needed to participate in Ochsner programs such as Digital Medicine.

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