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Ochsner Remembers: The Story of the Katrina Lapel Pin

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No matter where you were when Hurricane Katrina struck southeast Louisiana and Mississippi, the damage it inflicted to the region is still etched into the hearts and minds of all who call this area home. Everyone has their personal story of what happened 10 years ago. For some, the memories are of indescribable loss. For others, they awaken stories of heroic individuals who sacrificed much for the benefit of others.

Over the past decade, many symbols have come to represent the post-Katrina recovery era: waterlines etched on buildings, blue tarps, a roofless Superdome. For Ochsner, there is one image that stands out above the rest – the Katrina tattoo. The orange “X” that marked houses and buildings throughout New Orleans was a constant reminder of the people, belongings, and livelihoods lost. But since that time, the image of the spray painted cross has come to symbolize the journey to new beginnings. Reclaiming the X signifies how far we’ve come, while ensuring we never forget the tragedy of the storm.

For the 10-year remembrance of Hurricane Katrina, nearly 17,000 Ochsner staff members have united behind the Katrina tattoo in the form of a commemorative lapel pin distributed across the system leading up to the anniversary. The pin’s design has been updated to reflect the progress we have made together, and our team members proudly wear it as a symbol of thanks to all who have united behind our efforts over the past ten years.

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