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Ochsner Lafayette General Helps Create Inclusive Playgrounds

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Ochsner Lafayette General Medical Center is committed to creating healthier and more inclusive environments. Its partnerships with Moncus Park and Downtown Lafayette’s Playground at Parc Sans Souci are testaments to this dedication.

“When we create spaces that promote typically developing kids and children with disabilities in one place, we’re also promoting inclusion, love, and acceptance of differences within humanity. All kids deserve opportunities to play,” parent Lacie Chappuis said.

The accessible playgrounds are spaces where children of all abilities can play, grow and thrive together. By fostering such environments, Ochsner Lafayette General’s mission extends beyond healthcare to support the well-being of the community’s youngest members.

“The Ochsner Lafayette General Playground at Moncus Park enhances the beauty and functionality of our park and provides a vital space where everyone can enjoy the outdoors and engage in meaningful play – regardless of age or ability,” said JP MacFadyen, executive director, Moncus Park.

Teaming up for a great cause

Ochsner Lafayette General supported the community’s first inclusive playground at Moncus Park, which opened in 2022, and it inspired the creation of the new playground in Downtown Lafayette. MacFadyen says the playground at Moncus Park is a space where children cultivate connections and enrich their lives through nature. “It is a shining example of our vision come to life – a vibrant, inclusive space for all.”

The accessible playgrounds were created through the dedicated collaboration of community members and organizations, demonstrating the meaningful impact that can be achieved through collective effort.

Lacie says she felt incredibly grateful to and proud of her community for launching and supporting these playgrounds. “And I felt hopeful,” she said, “because little projects like this can have big impacts in making our world a kinder and more accepting place.”

Inclusivity means everyone thrives

Intentionally designed with inclusivity and accessibility in mind, the playgrounds ensure that children of all ages and abilities can feel a sense of belonging and connection – making both friends and memories that last a lifetime.

“Actually taking my children to the playground and having an experience where they could both participate and play brought on a flood of emotions. I felt so happy for Elodie that she doesn’t just have to sit in her wheelchair and watch everyone else play, but now she gets to play, too.”

Learn more about how Ochsner supports the community.

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