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Ochsner and Louisiana High School Athletic Association: A Winning Team

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Ochsner Health is proud to be the official healthcare provider for the Louisiana High School Athletic Association. We emphasize the importance of health, fitness and teamwork in achieving excellence.

Through this exclusive partnership, Ochsner provides healthcare training and education for programs that are members of the LHSAA. Ochsner also helps with curriculum support for student athletes interested in careers in sports medicine.

Springtime goes hand in hand with track and field in Louisiana. In this video, Adam McDowell, LHSAA assistant executive director, discusses the importance of hydrating and staying healthy at events such as the LHSAA Track and Field Championship.

"We're fortunate that we've got a great training staff here with Ochsner that can take care of our kids,''' McDowell said.

Corey Elvir, athletic trainer coordinator for Ochsner, said, "It's all about as much as you can do ahead of time,'' emphasizing the importance of having water stations set up and ready to go before the meet begins. "So once the event starts, you know its all eyes on the course at all times.''

Learn more about Ochsner's partnership with the LHSAA.

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