Nurses Rock! Nurse Rebecca’s Story

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This week, we join together with the American Nursing Association and hospitals all across the country to celebrate National Nurses Week, which concludes on May 12, the birthday of Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing.

We would like to thank all nurses for the care you provide to patients. It’s been said that a nurse is a person strong enough to tolerate everything and soft enough to understand everyone. Here at Ochsner, our team of more than 5000 nurses is dedicated to providing contributions to care every day.

Today, we recognize one of our nurse’s outstanding contributions.

Meet Nurse Rebecca Goldman, who works at the Outpatient Infusion Center at Ochsner Medical Center – West Bank Campus. Here’s what her colleagues and patients have shared about her:

“So often we take what we have for granted, but I wanted to take the time to truly acknowledge what “our infusion center” means to me. I am forever grateful and thankful for the convenience of being treated close to work and home – but what is of more importance is the comfort I feel being treated here. Rebecca is ‘an angel.’ I’ve been truly blessed to have been seen by Rebecca. She is confident, competent and compassionate. Watching her with patients is amazing. She calls them by name as they are walking into the center. She ensures they are comfortable throughout their treatment. She sends them off with a hug or a closing greeting. She is often multi-tasking throughout all of this, but she never gets flustered. She has a constant, smiling face. She even gets visits from former patients who just happen to be in the area. I cannot say thank you enough to Rebecca.” – A patient from the Infusion Center

“Rebecca is available to her patients five days a week and on weekends, as needed. They rely on Rebecca to open the doors to the center every morning and she welcomes everyone with a smile and a positive attitude.” – Rebecca’s manager

“Rebecca has trained nurses in the center to safely care for patients undergoing chemotherapy. She has helped them to prepare to successfully pass the certification exam. She has onboarded numerous physicians to the Infusion Center. Rebecca also works close with the chemotherapy pharmacists to administer chemo treatments in an accurate and timely manner. There is nothing but praise when Rebecca’s patients, their family members and her co-workers describe her.” – Rebecca’s co-worker

During National Nurses Week, please take a few moments to pause and thank a nurse for their dedication and commitment to caring for patients.