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7 Great Ways to Boost Your Mood Naturally

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It’s important to check in on the emotional well-being of those around you and yourself. We can build on our skills when positive emotions open us up to new possibilities. People with positive emotions in their everyday lives tend to be happier, healthier, learn better and get along well with others. There are several simple ways to boost your mood, and we’re here to give you tips on where to get started.

Restorative sleep

You probably know firsthand how sleep affects your mood. After sleepless nights, you may be irritable, short-tempered and vulnerable. Studies have shown that even partial sleep deprivation influences your mood. Not only does sleep affect your mood, but your attitude may affect your sleep. Those who feel a lot of stress or pressure may experience sleepless nights. If you don’t believe you’re getting enough sleep, look at your sleep habits to see if there are steps you can take to improve the quality and quantity of your sleep. We recommend setting the alarm on your phone for when you want to start getting ready for bed. Maintaining a regular sleep-wake schedule is important. Try establishing a calming pre-sleep routine, making your bedroom a comfortable sleep environment, avoiding naps too close to bedtime and avoiding caffeine, alcohol or other chemicals that interfere with sleep.

Fitness fuel

Exercise is the fuel for your mood, and it promotes chemicals in your brain, known as endorphins, that improve your mood and relax you. Physical activity also reduces anxiety and depressed mood while enhancing self-esteem. So, pull out your yoga mat, put on your running shoes or pump some iron with your at-home equipment and exercise!

The miracle drink

Water! Avoid getting dehydrated, especially when you drink a lot of coffee. Make sure to refill your water bottle a few times daily and bring it everywhere. Drinking enough water can banish your headaches, relieve fatigue, boost your energy levels and improve your overall mood. Try drinking two glasses of water after waking up to help stimulate internal organs; drinking one before a meal will aid digestion and calm your hunger.

Words of the wise

You experience a lot in life. Why not learn from them? Try keeping a journal of your life experiences. Use a journal as a place where you can dump whatever is going on in your mind on paper. Don’t hold back! Writing everything down can have the same effect as pouring your heart into a therapist. An excess of stress can be damaging to your mental and emotional health. Journaling is an incredible stress-management tool. Try to create a pre-bedtime habit of journaling. It will help you unwind and de-stress to get a whole night’s sleep!

Healthier choices

Fruits and vegetables are packed with nutrients and vitamins to keep your body healthy, and food is a fuel source for your body. Healthy foods can give you good energy sources, while bad foods, such as fried foods, can make you feel sluggish and heavy. Did you know that a poor diet can worsen your mood? It may also lead to obesity and depression. Try limiting your alcohol intake, eating whole natural foods, starting each day with a balanced breakfast, and creating a healthy-eating plan and sticking to it. For more information on healthy foods, check out our EatFit Cookbook and why you should get it.

Tune out

Sometimes it may be hard to look away from the computer but setting a curfew for yourself is important. It’s easy to get sucked into the internet for hours, and it may even cut your sleep time and leave us completely drained. Try setting a curfew for yourself and spend the time genuinely nourishing and relaxing. This will lead to better sleep and increase your positive mood.

Learn something new

Similar to your body needing food, your brain needs challenges. Try to learn something new daily to keep your brain active. Create a list of things you’ve always wanted to know or wondered about. Try learning a new language, subscribing to influential podcasts or solving riddles. It’ll help you feel accomplished!

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