Minimizing Spring Allergy Symptoms

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Even if you do not live in one of 2014’s Worst Spring Allergy Cities, the effect this season has on your allergies could be enough to make you cry.

If you are one of the 36 million Americans who suffer each year from seasonal allergies, you know that the runny nose, headache, scratchy and weepy eyes are almost inevitable. While there isn’t a “cure” for seasonal allergies, and it’s hard to stop Mother Nature, there are a few things you can do to minimize symptoms:

  1. At home and in the car, close the windows and run the air conditioning if needed.
  2. When pollen and mold levels are high, stay indoors.
  3. Wear a pollen mask during a prolonged stay outdoors.
  4. When you come inside, wash your hair and change your clothes.
  5. Ask someone else to mow the lawn and rake leaves.
  6. Consider hosing the pollen off your car and front porch often.
  7. Don’t wear outside shoes in the house.
  8. Don't hang clothing or linens outside to dry.
  9. Take allergy medication as prescribed.

There are times when allergies can become more than just bothersome. According to the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology and the American Lung Association – allergens are one of triggers that can cause an asthma attack.

So if you think your summer cold has advanced to a more serious allergic reaction, see your physician.

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